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'Many thanks for helping to improve the quality of my life'


I have been coming to Sue for 18 months for Reflexology and Shiatsu treatments.  During this time my under active thyroid has remained stable and I have not had to have an increase in my Thyroxin.  I have noticed a marked improvement in my levels of energy and general well-being.  I look forward to my sessions with Sue and leave feeling very relaxed and ready to face the day. Many thanks for helping to improve the quality of my life.



'The on-going treatment has certainly been life-altering for me and my friends have all noticed a difference'


Sue has been an incredible support for me.  This lady seriously knows her stuff.  Her knowledge and experience is vast.  


Every treatment has brought me closer to where I want to be. I feel more enlightened, healthier and more energised, stronger and more focused than before.  The on-going treatment has certainly been life altering for me and my friends have all noticed a difference.


I cannot recommend this lady enough. If you have tried to get to the bottom of an issue and have not found a solution then please book in with Sue ASAP.  I'm so happy and grateful that I have had the pleasure of meeting this lovely lady.  Sue is fully committed to making a difference and will go above and beyond to help others along the way.  I see her as a hidden gem and hope that you have the opportunity to have a treatment with her.



'I now have a much better feeling of wellbeing'


I have been suffering with hot flushes and low energy since I started the menopause.  Since Sue has used a combination of Reflexology and Shiatsu my flushes have thankfully stopped.  My energy has increased.  I now have a much better feeling of well-being.  I really enjoy my sessions with Sue. She is very professional and knowledgeable in her reflexology practice.  Thank you so much Sue.


Sha Sha

'My symptoms from the Lupas are now pretty well non-existent'


When I came to see Sue 15 years ago I was at one of my lowest points physically and mentally.  I suffered from Lupus and Sjorgrens syndrome.  Sue found the immune system, hormones, joints and eye areas to name a few, very sensitive on my feet.  I felt very depressed because my physical state but after a few sessions gradually an improvement was taking place.


I now visit Sue every few weeks to maintain the level of health I am now experiencing.  I feel so much more positive and Sue deals with any health problems as they occur.  My symptoms from the Lupus are now pretty well non-existent.  I even cycle to see her for my appointments now, something I would have never imagined doing a few years ago.



'My health has without a doubt improved'


Sue is an inspiration. She has guided me through so many difficult situations in my life.  She's not just a therapist, she's a friend. Her skills and knowledge for what she does and how she helps you physically are amazing, she is so detailed and person centred that you know you are always getting treated by the best!


Since seeing Sue my energy levels have increased, back mobility and aches and pains are less and my digestion problems are better.  My health has without a doubt improved.



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