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Welcome To My Spiritual Therapies Website

On this website you can learn about Reflexology, Facial Reflexology, Shiatsu Massage and Auricular Therapy sessions I offer in Bournemouth, and book your appointment with me.


I used to have a shop in Southbourne for 3 years in 1996 and have since been working from home in my cosy warm summer house in the garden.  It has a lovely healing energy that has built up over the last 26 years.


I tend to look at everyone as a whole, physically, emotional and mentally. You cannot heal one without the other.  I do tend to mix my treatments according to your needs.


Reflexology enables me to assess what may be required for your treatments.  Everyone is unique.  And I treat you as such.


Please click on relevant pages for more detailed information on each treatment that  I offer.


Love, Sue x

Sue Johnson-Hewitt, Spiritual Therapies, Bournemouth
About Sue

When I qualified in Reflexology in 1995 I really did not realise how effective reflexology could be.  


The experience I have had has led me to feel honoured that I have and still able to help people in the way they may need.  


I have met so many lovely people of which have become very good friends over the years.

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Sue Johnson-Hewitt, Spiritual Therapies, Bournemouth

Reflexology is a science that deals with the principle that there are reflex areas in the feet, hands, face and ears which correspond to all the glands, organs, and parts of the body.  


Reflexology is a unique method of using the thumb and fingers on these reflexes, finding and working on the areas of congestion or tension to help the body operate at its peak efficiency.

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Sue Johnson-Hewitt, Spiritual Therapies, Bournemouth
Book Your Session

To book your session, or if you have any questions about any of the therapies, please:

* call me on 01202 421100 or 0776672351

* email me 

* use the contact form on Contact page.

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"Sue has turned my life around from non-functioning to fully functioning"


"Sue has been outstanding in her understanding of subtle issues and helped with a number of debilitating problems where no other avenue had succeeded.  I have been struggling with Plantar Fasciitis for over 4 years and could hardly walk when I first came to Sue.  


Over a period of 6 months I am able to walk without pain.  Other issues were also identified and Sue worked on several areas on my feet and I started having energy and motivation to start things in my life.  


Sue has turned my life around from non-functioning to fully functioning.  I couldn’t recommend her more highly."



"On 14th July 2019 I suffered a rapid onset case of Bell’s Palsy, whereby the right-hand side of my face dropped, I could not move my right eye properly and I had numbness over my head and across the right-hand side of my face.  I dribbled every time I drank something ad could not eat well. I thought I had suffered a stroke but thank goodness it was Bell’s Palsy although it really did get me down, steroids were apparently the only answer and time.

I mentioned to my friend Sue Johnson – Hewitt about my condition, I had no idea that you could have reflexology on your face. I started treatments on 24th July and from the day that I had my first treatment I could feel tingling and slight difference, I started with 2 sessions a week and withing the months I had feeling back in my face and I started to have movement in the eyebrow, cheek and face.

I had some pain over the back of my head and face after a few weeks however Sue was on hand to fix that too.

When I saw my GP, they were amazed at the progress and by then I could almost smile properly. I have been so please with the effect that facial reflexology has had on my symptoms, I was told that they could last up to 6 months, I am over the moon with the results and have full movement and feeling back in less than 2 months." Catt

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Facial Reflexology Following Bell's Palsy
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